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Piano Tuning Links

Piano Acoustics - Information on the basics of piano tuning (in the FAQ format) such as "What is pitch correction?" and "What is regulating?" also national directories of piano tuners, piano teachers, piano adoption, and piano movers.

DOs and DON'Ts - Some very helpful advice from Ryder Piano Service

Concert Pitch Piano Services - this site has much information on pianos and piano tuning, including history of the piano, diagrams of selected piano actions, FAQ, and recommendations from piano manufacturers Steinway, Baldwin, and Yamaha.

Piano Tuning - How It Is Done and Who Should Do It - Information from Dr. William Leland - recently retired Artist-in-Residence and Professor of Piano at New Mexico State University.

Why Does A Piano Go Out Of Tune? - by Ken Foster

Renting/Buying/Selling a Piano - information from the Berkeley Parents Network

Information from Wikipedia on piano tuning - including equal temperament beatings

Groven Piano Project - the un-tempered clavier - David Loberg Code (WMU)

The mathematics of piano tuning - from the American Mathematical Society

History of Piano Tuning - by Gill Green MA

Frequently Asked Questions about Piano Tuning

Piano Tuning Guidelines - includes information on moving pianos

PTG technical bulletin on Pitch Raising - by Peter Acronico

Piano Technician's Guild

Wiki Answers - Some comments from piano tuners on the "hows" and "whys" of piano tuning.

Reviews and opinions sent in by the Berkeley Parents Net subscribers

Acoustic vs. digital pianos - Which one is right for you? - by Scott E. Thile

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