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Piano Pooch - ear training game for young children
If you liked Piano Pig, you're gonna love Piano Pooch. Learn how to play the piano with the little dog. With your mouse, play the piece your doggie master has just played. You must be really careful.

Pinch and zoom as you scroll through the octaves - like magic
Magic Piano already exists as a $1 iPad-only app, but this new version is specifically designed for Apple's smaller iOS devices, and Smule's embracing a new freemium model by giving it away for, you might say, a song. The core app lets you play one of three pianos--a more traditional one, a spiral keyboard, or a circle of keys.

This guy gets high before he plays
Helicopters transported piano, piano player and crew to a location about 40 miles from Girdwood, McElrath reported. "We landed upon one of the most incredible sites I have ever seen, 6,000 feet in altitude, rolling thunder through the mountains as avalanches broke loose in the spring sunshine, no wind at all and about 45 degrees."

Older people who played music perform better on cognitive tests
The high-level musicians who had studied the longest performed the best on the cognitive tests, followed by the low-level musicians and non-musicians, revealing a trend relating to years of musical practice. The high-level musicians had statistically significant higher scores than the non-musicians on cognitive tests relating to visuospatial memory, naming objects and cognitive flexibility, or the brain’s ability to adapt to new information.

150,000 pound piano sold at auction to collector
A number of stars, including Sammy Davis, Jr., Sir Michael Caine, Sir Mick Jagger and John Lennon, also played the instrument while at Cogan’s London home.

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Is YOUR dog a music critic?
My 7-year-old dachshund/cocker spaniel mix howls when I play the piano. He doesn't howl at other noises. Is he in pain? I have to ban him to the yard when I play. Any advice?

How can you go a whole day without playing a piano in a room full of pianos?
“Civilization is going to hell in a hand basket if nobody learns to play an instrument,” Jarvis said. “You don’t have to become a performer. It’s just to have a well-adjusted sense of what music is.”

Piano keys - $1400 each
Through the "88 Keys" campaign, residents have the opportunity to be a part of the arts center's history. The campaign is named for the number of keys on a standard piano. It gives donors a chance to "purchase" one or more keys or make smaller donations toward the overall goal. Each "key" costs $1,400. All donors will be publicly recognized at the end of the campaign.

Whaler's art meets ivory supply
I looked at it and realized it was ivory keys. I thought to myself I can't throw those away," he said. "We disposed of the piano, but I took the keyboard. I thought I could do something with it." Hasek already was making traditional silver jewelry, something he learned in college and continued to enjoy. A familiarity with scrimshaw, and a supply of ivory on hand, soon led him into practicing what's known as the whaler's art.

The mechanism allows a pianist to customize the settings for a Bach symphony or a Chopin concerto
Brandeis University PhD student Jared Redmond, age 25, is the first pianist to play a SALA-retrofitted grand piano in a concert setting and first performed with the SALA on September 12, 2010. During a telephone interview with The Times, Mr. Redmond said," From my perspective the most remarkable benefit is that all of a sudden one piano becomes many pianos."

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Piano auction ended over $20 million
Yahoo! Auctions, who is co-sponsoring the project, posted online Tuesday morning that "due to system overload, bidder confirmation procedure and other factors resulting from unexpected high traffic, 'Crystal Piano' charity auction currently underway has been temporarily put on hold."

We speak before we read
“We learn our native language first by speaking it. This is a normal and natural thing. Why not music? Note reading should be the last thing taught. As students become more and more comfortable with ‘speaking the language’ of music, the need to play what other’s have written and produced decreases.”

Who stored Grandmother's piano in a barn?
Changes in weather, especially humidity levels, are what most affect a piano’s tone. A basic tuning of a piano usually takes an hour, and a piano needs tuning about twice a year, Rucker said.

Jam on April Showers with just the black keys
“When people think about black key piano music, they usually don’t think of music being made. But the black keys - also called the pentatonic scale, has been used for centuries to create a beautiful free-flowing sound.

Wooly mammoth contributes to construction of concert grand
The keys are made of Spanish cedar, topped with woolly mammoth ivory. (Yes, you read that right - apparently the bones and ivory of the prehistoric animals are surfacing in Siberia as polar icecaps melt).

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Free Sheet Music for Piano?
“I want to expose more and more people to the genre of music I love the most - New Age. It’s a beautiful style of music that is easy to play and that people love. Sadly, the genre is underexposed and I want to change all that.”

The most important thing you can do
“Keeping your piano tuned is the single most important thing you can do for it,” says Haller, owner of Haller Pianos in Stamford. “They should be tuned at least twice a year. Pianos also like to be cool and damp. “The ideal humidity for a piano is between 45 and 55 percent,” he adds. And that’s a lot more humid than the average home in our area in the winter.

Bidding on Grand piano starts at $500 - six days left to submit your bid!
"It was a pleasant surprise, it was indescribable," said Doug McClure, director of the Henry County Salvation Army. "It's been a big point of interest in our store the past few days." Customers interested in buying the baby grand have until Feb. 10 to submit a written bid to the store's cashier. All bids will be date stamped.

Chopin court case settled by date of piano
But key to the decision, the judge said, was evidence that the "poor mallorcan piano" claimed by the Ferra family to have been used by Chopin to compose his Preludes had in fact been made at least a decade after the visit and even after his death in 1849 from tuberculosis.

Was the piano in the bay the result of a pyromaniac's prank?
The piano is an old movie prop that sat for four years in Harrington's grandmother's garage. The teen had talked about hoisting the instrument from a tree or using it in a music video, among other projects, his mother said, but nothing happened until the winter break from school.

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Pop video or the death of art - grand on the beach even featured in National Geographic
Nearby, rumours swirled at the Water's Edge Cafe, where owner Derek Tolmie says talk of the piano has been as popular as his crab cakes and cosmopolitans. Some said they noticed helicopters and film crews taping a famous singer.

When 88 keys are NOT enough
The Stuart and Sons grand piano has 14 more keys than most, which means its lowest and highest notes live very much on the edge. Its designer, Wayne Stuart, says a few other grands can play as low as this 102-key model, but none can play as high. "I'd hate to go back to the 88-key piano," he says. "I couldn't stand it. It's too limited."

Driving the piano while playing upside down?
Standing in a hole carved in the center of a piano, Evan Shinners reaches over the top playing from above and using his feet to push the instrument across floors.

Evan Shinners makes this performance by Christina Gormly playing piano upside down look rather tame:

"Rowdy" pays tribute to Brubeck
"Dave Brubeck: In His Own Sweet Way" — a reference to one of the jazz icon's signature tunes — premieres Monday on Turner Classic Movies. Eastwood is executive producer of the film, which allows him to sit on a piano bench with Brubeck in some scenes, adding a couple of notes as the master plays.

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Raising $19,000 - all from donated funds
Groups renting the hall would pay a small surcharge if they also wanted use of the piano, assuring costs of tuning and upkeep for the instrument are covered at no cost to Crestview taxpayers.

As if we have stepped into a spa
That's when volunteer Patrick Foo, 67, visits the hospice at Jalan Tan Tock Seng to play the piano for the 40 terminally ill patients housed there. Most of them are in their old age and stricken with cancer. Madam Narin Kaur, 48, DPH's nursing officer, said: "With the music, the place no longer feels like a hospice. It is as if we have stepped into a spa."

Don't have a piano? Just use cardboard!
A native of Iowa who grew up outside Des Moines in an isolated home without running water, she began piano lessons as a child. Since the family couldn’t afford a piano, she practised on a cardboard drawing of piano keys.

No cavities until 98 and still playing at 99
Lois Purvis still plays the piano, entertaining the other residents of Governors' Village in Mayfield Village. She plays for birthday parties or when she feels like it — which for Purvis, 99, is quite often.

Like an '80s rock band in the bathroom?
Gawrylow said he wondered whether an electric piano's sound would be preferable to a traditional piano, particularly in the Capitol's Memorial Hall, which has the acoustical warmth of a bathroom. "I can't imagine that an electric piano would sound as good in the hall as a regular piano," Gawrylow said Saturday. "It's going to sound like an '80s rock band."

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A whole carpet of sounds from bottle caps, a plastic necklace, a bell and marbles
He wrests disruptive sounds from the instrument's 88 keys by outfitting the strings or mallets with objects such as ping-pong balls, aluminum foil and leather. His new album is titled Foreign Landscapes, and he recently visited NPR's studios to demonstrate his craft.

Be fascinated by the floating tones
Play with the floating tones, create new atmospheric melodies and let yourself be fascinated by the charm of the Pianolina.

Gang art enhances piano's design?
And the feared vandalism of the pianos has not occurred.   Gerdy could recall only one minor graffiti tagging in the two months the pianos have been on the street.   And, he said, the graffiti actually complements the piano's design scheme.

He cant' read but he can play music all night long
There was a reception on Capitol Hill and somebody invited Deprey to play the piano.   He couldn't read music, still can't, but all night long he can sit and make up tunes as he goes.

New York has the Naked Cowboy, San Francisco has the piano-playing-bike-riding cowboy
It took about two years to make.   He deconstructed and reconstructed the piano, figuring out just how to balance it on two little wheels on the front of the bike.

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Is Babe Ruth's piano at the bottom of the pond?
Back in the Jazz Age, Babe Ruth and other Red Sox players stayed in cabins along the pond, said Swanson.   According to local lore, one winter day around 1919 Babe took the piano outside on the ice.

Flight of the Bumblebee on an Apple
Ge Wang, the co-founder of Smule, told the Wall Street Journal, "I've never seen the freestyle Magic Piano played like he [Lang Lang] did." Wang added that he believes the Chinese pianist "totally digs Magic Piano and the iPad."

Bashed-up piano is "worth a lot more" -- now
“We hauled in to Pennsylvania, restored it, fixed it up, and then brought it back to Savannah,” he said. “Then, I whacked the heck out of it.”

If she can do it, you can too!
In her new movie The Last Song, Miley Cyrus' character has a big, juicy secret she reveals to Liam Hemsworth: She can play the piano! OK, so it's not really that juicy, but the Disney starlet actually had to learn to play the instrument for her role in the film.

Hear "The Music of Fats Waller" in April
Waller started playing the piano at age six. At age 14, he was playing the organ at Harlem’s Lincoln Theater and within a year he had composed his first rag.

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Would you sleep more soundly in a piano?
For people from the US it is now finally possible to sit on a drumset, sleep in a piano and eat from a guitar.

Slow it down and check the intonation
Both of them allows you to slow down the playback speed until you are ready to play in front of an audience, and you can even activate the digital metronome to compare tones in order to make sure that whatever you are playing at that point in time is not out of tune.

Morocco, Prague, Paris, and maybe South Dakota
Instead, the trailer will hold a piano, and a big one at that - about 1,000 pounds, 7 1/2 feet long. And unlike most classical musicians who may drive by towns like Lewellen (pop. 280) on their way to big markets where lots of people know the difference between Chopin and Cher, Narboni plans to stop there for more than gas.

Amazing pianist Derek Paravicini on 60 Minutes with Leslie Stahl:

No Steinways out there perfectly tuned

"People go up and play a few keys and then look around to see whether anyone will scold them for playing," Craig Welsh said of the initial reaction people had at such an event in Harrisburg last month. Soon, he said, other people would gather around. Sometimes, they'd wave a friend over, and soon they'd be playing duets.

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